A pub steeped in history

There has been a public house on this site since the late 15th century and the pub marked the town boundary for many years which is why it was used as a final drinking place for the condemned before they were taken to the gallows on the moor outside the town.

The Lancashire Witches memorial plate

The most famous of the condemned that supposedly had their final drink at the Golden Lion were the Pendle Witches before they were hanged up the hill from the pub so local myth has it.

Another famous local story is of a teetotal man who has condemned and refused his final drink at the Golden Lion. Had he taken it he would have been in the Golden Lion when he pardon arrived by courier. As it was he had already been hanged when his pardon arrived. Who says drinking is bad for you!!!

Although the original building no longer exists, the current building dates from the late 17th century and it is probably no surprise that the building has acquired a couple of ghosts who roam the building which most probably comes as no surprise considering its dark past.

One of these ghosts is the nun who escorted the condemned to the gallows in the 16th century who has been seen wondering around the cellar by previous licencees and staff

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